Pat Hall and the fat guys band

Pat Hall passed on to the great gig in the sky on January 24, 2010. Jim Wiggins on Pat Hall... I first met Pat Hall about thirty years ago at the Old Vic Theatre on Chicago's north side, recently converted from movies to stage shows. A bunch of Chicago performers were there to do a benefit show for a very sick kid and his family, and the honor of doing the first show into the rehabbed venue... Under the stage, in the new Green Room, there was gathered some of the finest blues players in the city, and me, a stand up comedian. The odor of pot was thick, the mood was quick, we all looked slick, ready to jam for a little boy who was sick, a blues song lookin' for a site... Right in the center of the room sat one guy holding court, like a squat, hairy king. Black beret, black vest over a black 't', camo cargo pants, boots, and a very large smirk on his beardy face. He looked like a terrorist, and indeed he was... I went directly to him, stuck out my hand and said,,, Hi,,, my name is wiggins an' I'm doin' the comedy act!!! This guy looked me over, sniffed me, and said,,, Who gives a fuck??? Then he leaned back, roared out a giant laugh quite loud and long and dared me to be funny... I knew at that very moment I had just met and made friends with the human version of a junk yard dog!!! Junk Yard Dog, Junk Yard Dog, Everybody Fears a Junk Yard Dog... Over the following years I discovered Pat Hall feasted often on other peoples flesh,,, get too close an' he'd bite you simpl...

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